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Great Recipes Mashkoul Meat

Mashkhoul Lahem... Enjoy the taste of the best Gulf dishes on today's lunch trip. Try my lady's kitchen method by providing special meat recipes, and serve alongside your family's favorite salad recipes.


To prepare the rice:

Basmati rice: 3 cups

Vegetable oil: a tablespoon

Salt: a tablespoon

Water: as needed

To prepare the meat:

Gulf spices: a tablespoon

Salt: a tablespoon

Meat: 1 kilo (cut into small pieces / or as desired)

Onion: 1 piece (cut into quarters)

Cinnamon: stick

Mastic: 1 teaspoon (ground)

Vegetable oil: a tablespoon

Water: as needed

Cardamom: a teaspoon (crushed)

Potatoes: 3 grains (cut into circles, boiled and then fried)

Onions: 2 tablets (cut into slices)

Vegetable oil: 3 tablespoons

Saffron: a teaspoon

Rose water: 2 teaspoons

Cardamom: a teaspoon (love and crushed)

How to prepare

Heat 3 tablespoons of oil, put the onions and leave them until they are well browned, and set them aside.

To prepare the meat: Put the oil in another frying pan and fry the meat until it is done.

Put the fried pieces of meat, then cover them with water, add cinnamon, onions, mastic, Gulf spices, salt, ground cardamom, and boil the meat.

To prepare the rice: Put the water in another saucepan on the stove with salt and oil.

Put the rice after the water boils and leave it on the fire for about 10 minutes.

To prepare the mashkhoul: put the fried onions on the bottom, and add half the amount of rice.

Mix saffron with rose water and ground cardamom.

Pour two tablespoons of the saffron mixture over the rice layer.

Arrange the pieces of meat over the rice and then the potato circles.

Add the remaining amount of rice and then two tablespoons of the saffron mixture.

Cover the pot and put it on a low heat for 15 minutes.

Invert the contents of the pot onto a serving plate and serve hot.