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Ingredients for Arabic sweets

 The good news first: You don't have to look for a Far Eastern grocery store for the ingredients you need to make oriental sweets yourself. Most of the ingredients on the list can also be found in local shops. We have put together more special products for you here with an Amazon link for ordering.

Popular ingredients for Arabic sweets:




walnuts and hazelnuts

grated coconut

dates and date syrup*


Tahini (sesame paste)


rose water*4


Pomegranate seeds* (How to open a pomegranate without the mess)

Puff pastry or filo pastry

Syrian sweets recipes

Incidentally, the Arabic sweets in Syria are less greasy than in other oriental countries. So that the pastry doesn't become a total calorie bomb, we decided to make our own Syrian sweets.

The following recipes are all from the great cookbook "Malakeh" by ZS-Verlag. In it, we accompany author Malakeh Jazmati through her culinary homeland of Syria: from light mezze and delicious main courses to Arabic sweets.