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Mento Liar With Chips

 Mento Lie with Regag... Prepare the best and most delicious recipes for special Saudi dishes for today's lunch. Try the liar mento recipe with Regag dough, and serve your recipe hot on the table.


Onion: 1 piece (grated)

Salt: half a teaspoon

Black pepper: half a teaspoon

Cumin: a quarter of a teaspoon (ground)

Minced meat: 500 grams

Green pepper: 1 piece (chopped)

Onion: 1 piece (sliced)

Tomatoes: 5 grains (squeezed and drained)

- Regag: a package (dough)

Cream cheese: 4 tablespoons

Cream: can

How to prepare

Mix the grated onion with the minced meat well, then add the juiced tomatoes, pepper, salt, cumin, and stir well until the ingredients are homogeneous.

Distribute the filling on the tortilla slices and roll fingers.

Grease a Pyrex dish with a little oil and arrange the sliced ​​onions, chopped peppers, then arrange the Mantou rolls.

Mix the cream with the cream cheese and spread the mixture over the mantou.

Put the tray in the oven at 180 ° C for 35 minutes, until it turns red and serve hot