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 Elote pie is one of the most delicious sweet desserts consumed in Mexico, it is a traditional dessert and

very popular in Mexican cuisine. You will love the flavor and texture of this delicious sweet dessert.

Corn pie ingredients

It is necessary that before preparing this delicious corn pie recipe, you have all the ingredients you need.

We will detail below, they are very easy to get and with them you will make a delicious dessert for snack.

The ingredients that we will need are:

4 eggs

4 medium corn

1 stick of cream cheese

1 tsp vanilla

115g unsalted butter

2 packets of Marie biscuits

1 can of condensed milk

1 can of evaporated milk


Do not forget to follow each of the steps that we will explain below, to prepare this exquisite pie de

corn and succeed in the kitchen.

Step 1

In the first place, we are going to shell the corn, once shelled, we are going to boil a little water and place the

corn kernels in it, cook for about 15 minutes. It is then turned off and allowed to cool.

Step 2

Next, grind the biscuits into powder, put them in the mold and add the melted butter and

stir well.

Step 3

Press into the mold to shape it into a pie. In the blender place the egg, the condensed milk, the milk

evaporated, cream cheese, vanilla, butter and blend, and finally add the cooked corn kernels and

Blend until smooth.

Step 4

Once ground, add it to the ground cookie mold and bake at 180°C. for 50 minutes.

step 5

Let cool in the fridge for about 3 hours or until firm. Serve and enjoy!

We have reached the end of the recipe and we are sure that the preparation of this corn pie will be a success in your

kitchen, so much so that your family and friends will repeat another serving of this delicious sweet, it is an ideal dessert for snacks, as well as being a very nutritious and healthy dessert. We encourage you to prepare this recipe at home to delight the palate of your friends. Be sure to add this recipe to your recipe book of delicious desserts.