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Caramel Cream Cake


  • 1 Lt of milk (5 cups).
  • 200 gr of cookies (1 package).
  • 1 Mix for flan or pudding (170 gr, 2 envelopes) including the two envelopes of caramel that it also comes with.
  • 10 ml Essence extract or aroma of vanilla (1 tablespoon).
  • 40 gr of cornstarch, starch or cornstarch.


Start by heating the butter so it liquefies.

overwhelm the biscuit and mix with the butter.

Place in a 20 cm diameter mold and press well with the bottom of a glass. Reserve in the fridge or refrigerator.

Place the milk in a saucepan together with the preparation for flan, the caramel, the vanilla and the cornstarch. Stir until dissolved.

Place over medium heat and stir until creamy.

Put in the mold and let cool.

Reserve in the fridge or refrigerator for at least 4 hours.

Decorate and unmold.