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Tomato and beef macaroni soup


400 grams of macaroni

500 grams of minced meat

500 grams of fried tomato

1 onion

3 garlic cloves

A tablespoon of oregano



How to prepare Macaroni with meat

We put water in a wide pot and take it to the fire. We wait for it to boil and add the macaroni with a little salt. Let them cook for about 10 minutes. we are getting rid of on occasion.

While the pasta is cooking, we put a frying pan with a little oil on the fire. Chop the onion as well as the garlic and put it all in the pan. Stir and allow them to fry for a few minutes.

After this time, we added the meat. We are crumbling it with the help of a wooden spoon. Add a little salt and stir. When it already takes some color, we incorporate the fried tomato and oregano. allow it prepare dinner for about 9 mins.

The macaroni will already be cooked, so we drain them and mix them with the meat. Stir well and rectify salt, if necessary. You will have your plate of macaroni with tomato and minced meat ready!