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12 Smart Ways to Keep Mice and Rats Out of Your Home

Having rats in your home is a terrible thing. These little animals destroy things and carry bacteria and viruses. If you don’t get rid of rats from your house, they will get rid of you from your house. Read on to discover smart ways to get rid of these pests from your home

It’s that time of year when mice are trying to find their way into your home. They come looking for shelter and food. If you’re like me, rats and mice are the last things I want in my home. So I am here to share with you smart ways to get mice and rats out of your house.

Effective ways to get rid of rats and mice from your home

Put baking soda anywhere you noticed streaks or droppings. Be very careful to keep it in a place where your pets cannot grab it because it is not good for them. A good tip is to put it in a box or container with a hole just big enough for mice and rats to get in.

Some pet stores sell urine, predator feces, or possibly pellets that smell like them. Simply place one of these items in an area outside your home where you have noticed them entering.

Being smart about how you use traps can be extremely helpful. Place a snap trap near the wall where you think they are entering. This will make it almost impossible to avoid the pressure plate. Place several traps in an area where you have seen them or remnants of them. Mice do not tend to move too far from the entry point.

Using the right bait is crucial for the traps to work properly. Things like cheese, peanut butter, chocolate and dried fruit will interest them. You can also use things like feathers and cotton balls, as these are items they would commonly use for their nests.

Just a few drops on a cotton ball near where they enter. Mice and rats both hate the smell of peppermint oil. Be sure to replace it every few days as the smell subsides. Peppermint oil is not good for your pets, so make sure it is out of reach for them as well.

Another way to use peppermint is to plant peppermint plants near their entrances to keep them out.

If you see areas where mice may nest outdoors, place used cat litter near the entrance. The smell of the litter itself is strong, which may drive them away, but since it is used, they will also smell urine which tells them there are cats nearby.

Permanently sealing the holes will prevent new pests from entering. You can fill the holes with plaster of Paris or cement. Using less permanent options like steel wool, copper mesh, and caulk can also help, but your best bet is to make it permanent as they can eventually eat away at others.

Ground cloves have a fairly strong odor that will repel mice and rats. You can sprinkle it around the nest entrances or put a mesh bag of it near the hole. This is another one you’ll need to replace every few days as the smell fades.



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