How Can Baking Soda Help You Have a House That Always Smells Good?

 A pleasant-smelling home is nice, but an amazing-smelling home is much better. Bad scents from cooking, smoking, painting, kids’ shoes, or just the restricted air can affect us in our homes, which aren’t often adequately aired because of the rain and cold. We ought to get some room scent.

Odors are absorbed by the bicarbonate, and your home will smell fresh thanks to the fabric softener! You just need to add the two to a sprayer after they’ve been combined and added to water.

A tsp of baking soda
Three lukewarm water glasses
Three tsp of fabric softener.

Fill an empty spray bottle with water, baking soda, and fabric softener.
Shut the bottle and give it a good shake.
Apply the concoction all over your home.

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