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How to make homemade lemon, vinegar and alcohol soap without caustic soda!

Embark on a journey to create a delightful homemade soap that combines the freshness of lemon, the cleaning power of vinegar, and the disinfectant properties of alcohol, all without the use of caustic soda. This easy-to-follow recipe ensures a gentle yet effective soap suitable for a variety of fabrics. Let’s dive into the ingredients and steps needed to bring this aromatic and cleansing soap to life.


1 liter of cold water
2 bars of glycerin soap
50ml of alcohol
10 tablespoons of common sugar
6 tablespoons of soap powder
Zest from 3 lemons
50ml of alcohol vinegar

Preparation Steps:

Infuse Lemon Aroma: Start by adding the cold water to a pot and bringing it to a boil, along with the lemon peels. Let it simmer for about 5 minutes, allowing the water to fully absorb the lemon scent.

Prepare Soap Base: Meanwhile, grate the glycerin soap bars into fine zest. This will help them melt more easily in the next steps.

Combine Ingredients: Remove the lemon peels from the boiling water. Lower the heat and slowly add the grated soap, stirring continuously. Patience is key here, as it might take some time for the soap to fully melt and integrate with the water.

Add Soap Powder: After about 20 minutes, when the soap is melted, mix in the soap powder, ensuring it dissolves completely.Sweeten the Mix: Incorporate the sugar by adding it gradually while continuously stirring.

Final Touches: Now, introduce the alcohol and vinegar into the mix. Feel free to add a touch of color at this point—yellow or green is recommended to complement the lemon theme.

Mold and Set: Turn off the heat and carefully pour the mixture into a soap mold or any suitable container. After about 6 hours, the soap will have solidified enough to be cut and shaped as desired.

Important Note:
Before using the soap, allow it to cure for approximately 5 days. This ensures the soap is fully set and ready for use.Enjoy Your Homemade Soap:

Congratulations! You’ve now crafted your very own lemon, vinegar, and alcohol soap. Perfect for washing any type of fabric, from dark to colored garments, this soap promises cleanliness and freshness without harsh chemicals. Give it a try and enjoy the satisfying results of your homemade creation.



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