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Toothpaste, never throw it away once used: it is worth gold reused like this


Hello girls, you know those times when you squeeze that tube of toothpaste endlessly to get the last drop? Well, I had this face-to-face with my tube the other day. And I said to myself, there must be a better way!
“A tube of toothpaste is a bit like a handbag: you always find surprises in it until the end.”
Why not waste toothpaste?

Toothpaste, beyond its primary function, has many other uses. You would be surprised at the potential it can have in the house.

How to collect the remaining toothpaste in the tube?
So, this tip literally changed my life. I never had to struggle with my tube again.

What other uses for toothpaste?

You will laugh, but once, on vacation, toothpaste was my savior… for something other than my teeth!

Tutorial: maximum toothpaste recovery
Step by step so you don't lose anything:

Cut off the bottom of the tube.
Slide a toothpick along the inside.
Press from bottom to top.
Tip: cleaning with toothpaste

Did you know that toothpaste can make your silver shine or remove stains from the wall? Amazing, isn't it?

Situation: having toothpaste for a household emergency
Imagine this: A stain on your favorite dress, no stain remover on hand, but a tube of toothpaste that catches your eye...

Example: using toothpaste to clean jewelry
My jewelry has never been so shiny since I started using this tip with my toothpaste.

3 mistakes to avoid with toothpaste
Using gel toothpaste to clean; they are less effective.
Apply directly to delicate surfaces.
Forgetting to test on a small area before a large application.
2 golden rules for storing toothpaste
Always keep it away from heat.
Keep the cap tightly closed to prevent it from drying out.
1 surprising tip with toothpaste
Rub a small amount of toothpaste on your nails to strengthen them and give them a natural shine. Magic!


Together we explored all the hidden potential of this tube that we all keep in our bathroom. Who knew he was so versatile? And if you have a friend who is as passionate about DIY as you are, she will surely love this article. Why not share it with her?😉


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