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Put a plastic bag on the broom, all housewives do this: except vacuum cleaners

The quick and easy trick of the plastic bag to put on the broom: here’s how to say goodbye to the vacuum cleaner and save money.

Having a clean and sanitized home is a must for everyone, even if time is always short. Also, in a historical period like this, we always try to save money by not using the vacuum cleaner. This is not easy, as this device has been designed to remove dust and debris from the ground as well as fur and hair. There is a very useful trick that few know about using a classic plastic bag and a broom. Let’s find out together what they can do together?

How to always have the floor clean?
As expected, a shiny, dust-free home floor is a must for all homeowners. Especially when there are young children or pets, this cleaning and washing step is necessary several times a day.

The floor attracts dust, debris, pet hair, hair and dirt that accumulates in just a few hours. When you use a type of broom that is too soft, you only risk spreading dirt to every corner of the house.


Then we use the vacuum cleaner, which as technologically advanced and efficient as it is, will consume a lot of electricity. Many do not know the precious trick of the broom with the plastic bag, ideal for removing dirt and saving on the household bill.

Plastic bag on the broom – the amazing
method The watchword is to save money, but only if the floor is really clean and sanitized in all its parts. It must be said that the broom is not always able to perform all the cleaning well and the debris, as expected, remains stuck between the hairs.

To remedy any type of problem, simply take a plastic bag and insert the broom into it, starting the cleaning session. What’s going to happen? Hair, hair and dust will stick to the broom without getting stuck and it will no longer be necessary to remove everything with your hands.

The plastic bag material is electrostatic and attracts/retains debris. It’s a smart way to remove dust, keep your hands clean, and save money. Immediately after it will be enough to wash the floor to have a very clean and shiny floor.
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In general, always remember to use the hard-bristled broom, as soft ones tend to raise dust and then spread it throughout the room. If you have a model of this type at home, it will be enough to set up the trick of the bag to have a perfect final result.

What about the vacuum cleaner? It can be used, but better once a week, so you can save on your bill at the end of the month and always have a clean floor. Even sanitation products must be environmentally friendly, with full respect for the environment.



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