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How many times has it happened to you that you open the oven door  after using it and  find scale  and dirt stuck everywhere? I guess almost always !
And what a task, then to clean it thoroughly  and remove all that dirt!
But today we are going to reveal a secret to you: it is possible  to soften all the dirt in the oven  using just  one bowl . Do you want to know how to do it? Let’s find out together !
bowl type
Before seeing together  how to try this method,  we recommend that you carefully choose  the type of bowl  to use.
Since this container will be placed in the oven  while it is on , you will need to get a hard one, made of glass  or ceramic, so that it can  withstand the high temperatures. .
If, on the other hand, you have to try the bowl method with the  oven off , then any method will work for you.
Baking soda
Let’s start with  baking soda , which is an ingredient that can  grease and clean thoroughly.  It will also help eliminate  bad odors in  your oven compartment!
All you have to do is pour a few tablespoons of baking soda into a bowl containing a little water and put it in the oven.
At this point, turn on the appliance  at 170/180°  and close the door so that the  baking soda can soften  the scale.
Once the  mixture  has almost completely evaporated, wait for the  oven  to heat up a little and wipe it with a cloth to remove all the now softened dirt .
Another very effective trick is the use of vinegar , which is also capable of  removing scale from the hob!
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Next, pour  2 glasses of white vinegar  into a small saucepan and bring it to a boil. Next, pour them into two bowls and put them in the oven while they are still smoking.
At this point, close the oven door and leave them for  approximately 30 minutes  so that the vinegar  can evaporate  and soften any dirt and crust present. .
Finally, let the oven cool and proceed to clean it by wiping it with a sponge and rinsing with water and white vinegar .
Citric acid
As an alternative to vinegar, you can also use   citric acid,  considered a natural limescale remover that can  thoroughly clean your dishwasher and washing machine! .
To use it, you need to pour 150 grams of citric acid into 1 liter of water and transfer it to a bowl.
Then, put it in the oven  at 170/180°  and leave it for a while until the  vapors have softened the incrustation.
Finally, just proceed  to clean the oven  when it has cooled down a bit.
After baking soda, vinegar and citric acid , how could the well-known lemon be missing from the list? This citrus can degrease the most stubborn surfaces .
As if that were not enough, it is a  natural neutralizer   well known for absorbing bad odors and can   also be used to perfume the bathroom!
Pour the juice of three lemons into a suitable container and put it in the oven preheated to 180° for half an hour.
Once the oven has cooled, use a cloth or scraper  to remove any scale softened  by the lemon juice. .
Once all traces of dirt have been removed,  rinse with a microfiber cloth  and dry well.
To do this, here  is a video  so you can see how  to clean the oven from top to bottom! .

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