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Throwing away banana peels is a wasteful practice since, in the eyes of housewives, they are worth more than gold.


One thing is often done when one consumes a banana: one peels the banana, discards the skin, and then consumes the fruit as a whole.

The habit is not a good one since, despite the fact that you may believe that there is nothing you can do with banana peels, there are always a thousand different ways in which they may be beneficial.

In accordance with the principles of recycling, there are a great many things that may be done with a banana peel.

There are some housewives who are not aware of it, but those who are aware of it are unable to function without it.

In spite of how unusual it may seem, the peels may be utilized straight in the cooking process.

Along the same lines as a great number of other things that we dispose of without giving them a second thought, knowing without a doubt that they are nothing more than garbage, which may really be useful in other situations and situations.

Because it has a high concentration of nutrients, the banana is one of the fruits that is enjoyed by people of all ages, from toddlers to adults. If you consume a large quantity, you will always have a sufficient quantity of banana peels accessible for use in any manner that you want.

Because of this, we need to acquire the ability to set them aside and refrain from throwing them away, and then we may prepare recipes that are not only incredibly tasty but also nutritious and alternative to satisfy everyone's preferences.

It is possible to reuse banana peels; the following are some of the techniques;

In the same way as the fruit itself is nutritious, banana peels are also useful, which is why everyone should consume them. They may be used in the production of organic fertilizers, which can then be applied to plants in the garden or at home. On the other hand, they are amazing for preventing the appearance of wrinkles and spots on the skin since they contain a great deal of vitamins, potassium, magnesium, and iron.

Additionally, they are useful in the kitchen as well. They are ground into flour by a lot of people, which results in a product that a lot of people believe is incredibly wonderful. It is also possible to utilize them to create baked items once they have been pounded into flour. At first glance, thE outcome seems to be adequate.

Recipes for sweets that call for flour that is high in fiber and potassium, plus instructions on how to prepare it
The peels of bananas are rich in fiber and potassium, making them a nutritious ingredient that is particularly well-suited for use in the preparation of sweets aimed at children. You may mix two different types of flour; for instance, 75% of this flour should be put to 25% of the regular flour. It is not required to use just banana peel flour; you can combine two other types of flour.


The use of banana peels as a dessert and also as a savory dessert is something that anybody who is interested in experimenting with may attempt. Because the flour that is created from the shells has a shelf life of three months, it may be used in a thousand different ways during that time. It should come as no surprise that there are a great number of additional recipes that not only pertain to sweet dishes, but also to savory preparations.

Learn how to make curry peels in a matter of minutes with this simple guide.

To produce curried banana peels, for instance, you would need to combine four banana peels, an onion, a glass of beer, two teaspoons of curry, a sprinkle of salt, a pinch of chili, and a tablespoon of oil. This would result in a dish that is similar to the one described above. After the oil and onion have been sautéed in the pan, the banana peels that have been finely chopped should be added and allowed to brown for about five minutes throughout the process.

After the allotted amount of time has elapsed, proceed to include the curry, chili, and salt while continuing to stir. The beer is poured into the pot around the halfway point of the cooking process, and the heat is increased to ensure that it gets entirely evaporated. Subsequently, reduce the temperature and add either water or vegetable broth to the mixture. The cooking process need to last for one additional hour.

Banana peels fried in oil are the original appetizer, and they are quite wonderful.
As an additional option, you might also make some delectable banana peels that have been marinated and then fried (a unique starter). It is sufficient to prepare enough food for four persons with only two banana peels. First, cut them in half lengthwise, then cut them into strips, and last, marinade them for at least twenty minutes in a mixture of apple cider vinegar, paprika, soy sauce, garlic, brown sugar, cinnamon, and cumin.

As soon as the allotted amount of time has elapsed, they are fried in heated oil, and they are only taken out of the oil after they have reached a golden color.

When you have visitors around for lunch or dinner, it is highly advised that you serve them as an appetizer since they are so wonderful. It is a pity not to attempt any of the numerous recipes that call for banana peel since there are so many of them.


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