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Why you should never use the quick wash cycle. Remember once and for all


Each washing machine is equipped with a quick wash mode. Most people think that this is very practical, since washing time is significantly reduced and less energy is consumed.

Also, the fast mode saves parts from accelerated wear.

However, there are several nuances regarding this type of washing.

Not suitable for every fabric type

This washing mode is intensive, so it is not suitable for woolen or delicate fabrics.

There are other modes on the washing machine for this.



To wash towels, bed linen and all other things that absorb water well, you need to select the appropriate mode so as not to damage the household appliance.

Before washing begins, water is drawn into the drum, which is very well absorbed by the towels, which is why they do not have time to be evenly distributed throughout the drum. Therefore, the towels turn into a lump, which hits the walls of the drum very hard.

Thus, you can break the washing machine very quickly.

Low efficiency

During the fast wash cycle, difficult stains cannot be washed.

Also, with a shortened wash, the water heats up faster, so washing at 30 or 40 degrees is usually available in this mode.

At such a low temperature, the fabric is subject to less damage, but it will not be possible to destroy dust mites and bacteria.

If you often wash things at an accelerated rate, an unpleasant odor will emanate from the machine, thanks to bacteria this happens; they accumulate in the drum, on the rubber seals. To avoid this, you need to wash things at high temperatures.


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